Midi Magic Studio of Nashville is the definitive studio to satisfy all your recording needs. Specializing in all styles of music and dedicated to bringing a personal touch to your next CD project whether you need to record songwriter demos, master quality artist demos or album productions. Alleluia Christian Music Productions, a division of Midi Magic, is here to help you launch your music ministry or to advance it to the next level.

Here at our dual website you will find a host of information about our Nashville recording studio, a list of services, contact info, a wide array of audio samples and even useful info and advice for songwriters and artists. Come inside and meet Gerry Peters, our resident music producer and learn what Midi Magic Studio and Alleluia Christian Music Productions can do for you.

Recording CD | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Recording CD

If you want to record a CD, it would be best for you to come to Nashville and sing at Midi Magic Studio under my guidance. This way I can work with you personally, making sure your vocals are up to the high standard of quality expected by record labels and the music industry.

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Recording a Demo | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Recording a Demo

In today’s competitive music market of today’s music, it is more important than ever to have songwriter demos that sound very professional, with an excellent vocalist and excellent musicianship to give your songs the edge they need.

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Audio Samples | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Audio Samples

We invite you to sample some of the many musical styles that we have provided here at Midi Magic Studio for our diverse clients. This is a short selection of the mutitude of various tracks we have recorded and produced over the years and are categorized for ease of listening.

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Helpful Info Songwriters | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Helpful Info Songwriters

The way your songs are presented is vitally important in getting the attention of publishers, producers, and record companies. They need to be done professionally and sent with a typed lyric sheet or you will be not taken seriously.

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Helpful Info Artists | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Helpful Info Artists

If you need original material for a recording project and haven’t had any luck with publishers or songwriters, I can provide you with original songs. I have over 3000’s songs recorded in my studio.

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Song Co-Writing | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Song Co-Writing

Generally if you need help songwriting you should find a co-writer and split the songwriting and the songwriter demo costs 50-50. But if you can’t find one, I can co-write your song, since it considered “work for hire”, you will retain 100% of the songwriting credit.

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Testimonials | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN


In order for you to get a feel for how I work with people, I’ve included some email testimonials. Feel free to get in touch with any of these people. I don’t mind also giving you phone numbers, especially if you’re planning on flying to Nashville to work with me in my studio.

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Sheet Music | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Sheet Music

Midi Magic Studio can handle all your music printing needs with very professional laser printed music. Lead sheets (vocal melody, lyrics, and chord symbols), sheet music (3 staff) or 2 staff piano arrangements, complete songbooks with graphics (publisher ready), 6 staff choral arrangements for choirs, full orchestral scores with individual parts printed out, chord charts for bands, Nashville number charts

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Recording Karaoke | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

Music Videos

I can create music videos for your songs and upload them for you to YouTube, Facebook, or any website to help promote your songs. The prices can range between $60 for a simple video to $600 for a more complex one

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Contact Info

Midi Magic Studio
7176 Somerset Farms Dr.
Nashville, TN 37221

Gerry Peters
615 646-7440