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Nashville, TN 37221 615-674-6668

Mon-Fri 9 AM – 6 PM

Helpful info For Artists/Singers

Need original material?

If you need original material for a recording project and haven’t had any luck with publishers or songwriters, I can provide you with original songs. I have over 3000’s songs recorded in my studio over the years on CD, HD, or DAT tapes. I can go through those and pick out material for you. I especially have lots of country material, but I also have a wide variety of songs.

Many times, if you’re an unknown, publishers and songwriters aren’t very interested in sending you original material because they feel it’s a long shot if you’re not signed with major label. I know it’s a catch 22 kind of thing, so that’s where I come in handy, even though I have to charge a little for my time, at least I’ll deliver. With most material I’ll send 2 to 4 CDs full of the best songs I have recorded.

Coming to record from out of town

For people coming in from out of town, there’s a Hampton Inn and a Micro-tel about a mile away. My facility is ideal for country artists, gospel groups, and Christian artists. I work in artist development helping prepare singers and groups for record label deals by recording a high quality demos. Anything less is a waste of time when dealing with major labels because it’s very competitive. I know how to present you in the proper way. I also record many custom album projects, recording, mixing, mastering, and burning CDs. I can also handle the CD duplication for large quantities.

Feel free to get in touch with people that have traveled to Nashville and recorded at my studio. There are email addresses included with the testimonials. I don’t mind also giving you phone numbers, especially if you’re planning on flying to Nashville to work with me in my studio. Phone conversations with people who’ve done it may help alleviate any stress or apprehension you may have making such an adventurous journey.