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Recording CD

Recording CD | Midi Magic Studio | Nashville, TN

If you want to record a CD, it would be best for you to come to Nashville and sing at Midi Magic Studio under my guidance. This way I can work with you personally, making sure your vocals are up to the high standard of quality expected by record labels and the music industry. I get a great vocal sound using a Neumann mic and a tube mic preamp, which is considered the best by professional recording studios. I have a very good headphone system, so you can hear every nuance in your voice to get the very best performance.

It’s a very comfortable recording environment. Also because I’m using very advanced computerized recording equipment I can save every single vocal performance and if needed, make a compilation vocal from many performances to insure it’s the very best vocal. This is really the only way to approach an artist demo trying for a major record deal. If you can’t come to Nashville, I can record your tracks, mix them to a CD and you can use the digital tracks in a studio near where you live and add your vocals to them.

If you’re trying to get a record label deal, it would be best to talk me personally on the phone , because there are many, many variables that can affect the price. I need to build a recording plan based on your needs and your budget. You should have 3 or 4 songs or preferably 10 songs done as masters with at least 6 musicians.

The best musicians who play on master sessions that you hear on major artist albums also do development artist demos like these, because the bread and butter of this business is songwriter demos and artist demos, the high profile sessions aren’t as abundant, so I can get great musicians to play on your demo.

There are many scams out there, so be careful, I can give you the straight talk and good advice on how to accomplish this. I can get you original songs (if needed), do the arrangements, produce the record, manufacture the CDs. I can also advise you and guide you on the promotion, showcases to record labels, independent chart releases, music videos, music publishing, and shopping a deal to a major label.

I can put you in contact with music lawyers that can pitch an artist to a major label. They will only shop artists that they think have a chance at being signed to a major label, because they will lose their credibility, if they send them someone who is not star material and then their opened door at the labels would be closed. If they do shop an artist they will get heard by the powers that be.