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Recording a CD

As a Nashville session player I’ve played on many gospel albums as a pianist, synthesist, and an arranger. Many projects are recorded very quickly for a cut rate with only minimal attention to detail and spending very little time on capturing really good vocal performances. Typically the singers are intimidated and rushed and only perform the song once or twice and rarely feel like they’ve done their songs justice. As a hired player there’s little I can do to help, but I many times I vowed that I would never treat any of my clients that way if I were in charge of the production.

Instead when I’m producing a project, I allow as much time as needed to capture the vocals at their very best and make sure that everyone is convinced that we’ve done our best before moving on. A great vocal can really move people and inspire them and that’s really why we make Christian music. I like to take the time to really do things right, not being satisfied with something that just sounds reasonably good, but taking the time to find the pearls and the real magic in the music and the vocals. Considering this is the Lord’s music, I want to feel like we’ve done our best.

The attention to detail and fine points gives the CD a world class professional quality that can get radio air-play and may possibly be picked up by a major label which would really further the career of the artist.