How to Most Effectively Record your Songs

The way your songs are presented is vitally important in getting the attention of publishers, producers, and record companies. they need to be done professionally and sent with a typed lyric sheet or you will be not taken seriously.

I work with publishers, producers, and record companies all the time and know the quality that they expect to hear and i make my songwriter demos competitive with the very best for about half the cost.

Whether I'm working for a major company or an unestablished songwriter i use the same standards of quality to make the songs sound as good as they can be. Even if a song is marginal, I can make it sound about as good as it can possibly sound by taking the time and care to do it right. If your song is good, it'll sound great when I'm done. Please listen to MIDI MAGIC demo online of I can mail a CD.

Guitar/Vocal or Fully Produced Songwriter Demos?

Some publishers, producers, or artists say that they would prefer to hear a guitar/vocal or piano/vocal. Most prefer to hear a fully produced songwriter demo, so they can get a better idea what the final product will be. So what do you do?

It's important to understand the process. Popular publishers, producers, and artists are constantly barraged with CD's from amateur songwriters and professional songwriters. After about 10 sec. of listening, they will throw out an amateur's CD. Sometimes a good song will be presented with a weak production and get thrown out before it has a chance.

This is a very competitive field and most major publishers and songwriters present their songs fully produced to attract the attention of the listener. Now sometimes an established songwriter or publisher with a track record of hits will pitch a song as a guitar/vocal and get a cut, but if they don't get a cut, they will almost always recut the song as a full songwriter demo.

If you are an unestablished songwriter, you increase your chances of getting a cut, the better your songwriter demo is. If you do decide to do a guitar/vocal or piano/vocal, use a professional demo singer and a professional musician at a professional studio, so you don't come off like an amateur singing in front of a home recorder. Unfortunately they have little sympathy for a low budget.

How to Pitch Songs

If you live in a recording center (Nashville, L.A., or N.Y.), it's easier to pitch songs. You can visit local publishers and production companies and deal with them direct, although you can't get past the secretaries at the big companies. But if you live out of town, you need to mail your songs to publishers and producers that are open to outside solicitation. There are several publications that list these people, check with some songwriter organizations. You can also hire a song plugger, but this can sometimes be a rip off, so be careful. I know a few that are legit, and they're not cheap.

It's useless to send anything to major companies or major people in the industry, unless you have an invitation, so your best bet is to send to people you know are open or up and coming publishers and producers, who have some success, but are not so swamped with people trying to get to them, like the very successful ones.

Don't come off too over confident, like you know you have some hit songs and they need you more than you need them. This is a professional business and they know you wouldn't be sending them material, if you didn't think it was very promising and could be a hit song.

You can subscribe to tip sheets to find out who's cutting, when, and what kind of songs they're looking for. Also it's important to realize that they are looking for hit songs for today's music not the 90's, not the 80's, 70's, 60's, 50's, or 40's. You may have something that is very good, but it may not be what they're looking for, for various reasons, like: type of song, style, lyric content or it may sound dated to them.

That's why it's so very important to use a songwriter demo company that will present your songs with a current up-to-date sound, musically and vocally. Many times I've taken a song that was dated and did it in an up to date fashion and it no longer sounded dated.

The Nashville Scene

Midi Magic Studio is located in Nashville. In the 50's, 60's, and 70's the Nashville music business was mostly country and southern gospel. But mass exoduses to Nashville from all over the country during the 80's and 90's have diversified the climate very much. Many L.A. and N.Y. people and companies have relocated here and many people predict that in a few more years, Nashville will be clearly the largest recording center in the world, surpassing L.A. and N.Y.

Today country music is very diverse with rock, R+B, pop, jazz, and gospel influences. Nashville today is considered not only the country music capital of the world, but also the contemporary christian and gospel Music capital of the world. Also there is much pop and rock recorded, a thriving jingle community, and quite a lot of music videos and some TV shows and movies.

With the increase in activity there is an incredible talent pool of excellent vocalists and musicians of every style that can be used on your songwriter demos. I'm very particular of the vocalists and musicians I use on Midi Magic demos, because they can make an incredible difference on the outcome of a songwriter demo.

Time after time I've been surprised at how good a song can sound with an excellent vocalist and excellent musicianship. After I arrange it, produce it, and polish it, many times it doesn't even sound like the same song to me anymore. We've all heard weak songs on the radio, and wondered why it's playing. Well I think many times it's the arrangement, the production, and the performance that makes it appealing and popular. I've certainly seen this transformation take place in my studio.

Computer Lead Sheets, Sheet Music, Choral Arrangements, Orchestral Arrangements, Band Charts

Midi Magic Studio can handle all your music printing needs with very professional laser printed music. Lead sheets (vocal melody, lyrics, and chord symbols), sheet music (3 staff) or 2 staff piano arrangements, complete songbooks with graphics (publisher ready), 6 staff choral arrangements for choirs, full orchestral scores with individual parts printed out, chord charts for bands, Nashville number charts. For some prices check out the price sheet, for other prices I need to review the song first and estimate how much time would be involved. In that case call me, write me, or email me.

Getting your Songs Published

Some inexperienced songwriters are happy to give up their publishing rights to their songs to a music publisher thinking that this is the first step towards getting someone to record it. Not necessarily so. Music publishing is not like book publishing, getting your song published only means that you've given up your publishing rights to your song, half of the royalties go to a publisher, who may or may not do anything for you.

I've noticed that companies or people with a lot of money who want to get into the music business many times buy several smaller publishing companies and overnight have a huge catalog of songs. How many songwriters like yourself, that signed their publishing rights away to their songs, have been surprised to find out they have been sold to another company that shows about as much interest in them as the first company. In this situation it's all about clout and sheer numbers of songs in a publishing catalog. Don't just be a feather in someone's cap, protect your songwriting rights, and don't give away your publishing rights for life.

In Nashville a very fair system has developed over the years that protects the songwriters. If a publisher doesn't pay for the cost of the songwriter demo and has none of his own money tied up in your song, then the publishing contract lasts only for one year and if the publisher doesn't get an artist on a major label to record and release your song then the publishing rights revert back to you. But if he does get a cut, then he has the publishing for life and you both make money.

Staff Songwriter for a Publishing Company

I have friends who are staff songwriters at local publishing companies (Sony-Tree, Warner Brothers, and some smaller companies) in Nashville. They get a weekly salary, usually $500 - $1200/week if all they do is write. Sometimes it's more if they help out doing other things like running the recording studio, playing on sessions, pitching songs, evaluating CD's (like the ones you send to them), singing songwriter demos, or going to Wendy's (gophering) or all of the above and more (washing the publisher's car).

What they also get is free songwriter demos paid for by the publishing company. Usually the publisher won't demo every song, only the ones he thinks are pitchable, so sometimes the songwriter finds himself in the same situation as you. He knows he's got a great song, but the publisher doesn't hear it that way, so he won't demo it. In that situation it would be nice if the publisher passed on the song and forfeited his rights to the publishing on your song, giving you the freedom to demo it with your own money and pitch it yourself. But sometimes it doesn't work that way, make sure you have a pro music lawyer (not your brother-in-law that's a lawyer) read your contract before you sign it.

The salary you get as a staff songwriter is a draw against future royalties. If you get a hit song your first royalties pay back the publisher the salary he's paid you all these years, but hopefully not demo costs and other expenses (read your contract so you won't be an indentured slave or tenant song farmer). Of course, if you never have a hit song, you never have to pay back the money, it's not a loan. But obviously the publisher is not going to want to continue this arrangement forever if he doesn't get a return on his money. After all. this is a business.

I've seen songwriters get nervous about spending a lot of demo money, they know someone somewhere is counting. For instance at Sony-Tree most songwriters can spend $700-$1000/song for a songwriter demo, above that they have to pay. Sometimes they will demo a song with a full production at an expensive studio and other times they may just do a guitar/vocal at the in-house studio. Most songwriters are sensitive to how much of the publishers money they are spending, because they realize that the bottom line is how much they are spending versus how much they are bringing in.

The publisher also should provide song pitching for the songwriter in order to get major cuts on the songs. Sometimes there is a person that does nothing but that, and is called a songplugger. Other times, if it's a one man publishing co., the publisher himself will do this.

In most instances in staff songwriting the publisher has the publishing on the song for life. This is fair in this situation, the publisher is sticking his neck out, paying you a salary, demoing your songs, and pitching them with no guarantee of any return.

So there are pros and cons for being a staff songwriter, some decide after a time to not renew the staff writing position and to become an independent songwriter and maybe start their own publishing co., hiring staff songwriters and starting the process all over again, this time calling all the shots (oh, the power).

Lyrics need Melody/Need Help Writing (Co-Writer)

Generally if you need help songwriting you should find a co-writer and split the songwriting and the songwriter demo costs 50-50. But if you can't find one, I can co-write your song, since it considered "work for hire", you will retain 100% of the songwriting credit. You will have to demo the song at Midi Magic Studio and pay for the costs.

I realize this is a gray area and is not normally the way it is done, but if you have exhausted your resources for finding a co-writer, this may be the best way to go.

Recording a CD

If you want to record a CD, it would be best for you to come to Nashville and sing at Midi Magic Studio under my guidance. This way I can work with you personally, making sure your vocals are up to the high standard of quality expected by record labels and the music industry. I get a great vocal sound using a Neumann mic and a tube mic preamp, which is considered the best by professional recording studios. I have a very good headphone system, so you can hear every nuance in your voice to get the very best performance.

It's a very comfortable recording environment. Also because I'm using very advanced computerized recording equipment I can save every single vocal performance and if needed, make a compilation vocal from many performances to insure it's the very best vocal. This is really the only way to approach an artist demo trying for a major record deal. If you can't come to Nashville, I can record your tracks, mix them to a CD and you can use the digital tracks in a studio near where you live and add your vocals to them.

If you're trying to get a record label deal, it would be best to talk me personally on the phone , because there are many, many variables that can affect the price. I need to build a recording plan based on your needs and your budget. You should have 3 or 4 songs or preferably 10 songs done as masters with at least 6 musicians.

The best musicians who play on master sessions that you hear on major artist albums also do development artist demos like these, because the bread and butter of this business is songwriter demos and artist demos, the high profile sessions aren't as abundant, so I can get great musicians to play on your demo.

There are many scams out there, so be careful, I can give you the straight talk and good advice on how to accomplish this. I can get you original songs (if needed), do the arrangements, produce the record, manufacture the CD's. I can also  advise you and guide you on the promotion, showcases to record labels, independent chart releases, music videos, music publishing, and shopping a deal to a major label.

I can put you in contact with music lawyers that can pitch an artist to a major label. They will only shop artists that they think have a chance at being signed to a major label, because they will lose their credibility, if they send them someone who is not star material and then their opened door at the labels would be closed. If they do shop an artist they will get heard by the powers that be.

Need Original Material

If you need original material for a recording project and haven't had any luck with publishers or songwriters, I can provide you with original songs. I I have over 3000's songs recorded in my studio over the years on CD, HD, or DAT tapes. I can go through those and pick out material for you. i especially have lots of country material, but I also have a wide variety of songs.

Many times if you're an unknown publishers and songwriters aren't very interested in sending you original material because they feel it's a long shot if you're not signed with major label. I know it's a catch 22 kind of thing, so that's where I come in handy, even though I have to charge a little for my time at least I'll deliver. With most material I'll send 2-4 CD's full of the best songs I have recorded.

Coming to record from out of Town

For people coming in from out of town, there's a Hampton Inn and a Micro-tel about a mile away. My facility is ideal for country artists, gospel groups, and Christian artists. I work in artist development helping prepare singers and groups for record label deals by recording a high quality demos, anything less is a waste of time when dealing with major labels, it's very competitive. I know how to present you in the proper way. I also record many custom album projects. recording, mixing, mastering, and burning CD's. and can handle the CD duplication for large quantities.

Feel free to get in touch with people that have traveled to Nashville and recorded at my studio. There are email addresses included with the testimonials. I don't mind also giving you phone numbers, especially if you're planning on flying to Nashville to work with me in my studio. Phone conversations with people who've done it may help alleviate any stress or apprehension you may have making such an adventurous journey.


Need Karaoke Tracks (Instrumental Tracks minus Vocal)

If you can't find a karaoke track of a particular song or it's in a bad key. I can record your tracks, and send you a CD for you to sing to or mix the song to a CD and you can use the digital tracks in a studio near where you live and add your vocals to them. Or you can come to Nashville and sing at Midi Magic Studio. It can be any style of music.

CD Duplication

I have a CD Recorder and can make CD's for you. In small quantities they can be as little as $4/ea. Large quantities are usually done at a CD plant or by a replicator and the prices can vary depending upon which technique is used for manufacture. 100 CD's are about $300 and 1000 CD's are about $1400. Call for other details.

Gerry Peters - Recording Credits and Background

Gerry Peters was born in New Orleans, Louisiana where he started playing the piano at age 8. At age 12 he moved to Memphis Tennessee where he first started playing in bands at age 13. He went to Memphis State University as a music major and first started doing recording sessions in 1976 as a pianist and synthesizer player. In 1978 he started working also as an arranger (strings and horns) and in 1981 started also working as a producer.

In Memphis he played on recordings for artists such as Mel McDaniel, Al Green, Amy Grant, DeGarmo and Key, Tony Joe White, Waylon Jennings, Joe Walsh (Eagles guitarist), Ace Cannon, Bobby Helms (Jingle bell rock, My special angel, Sam the Sham (Wooly Bully), Rufus Thomas, Willie Mitchell (Hi Records), Billy Swan, Jimmy Griffin (Bread), Joe Simon, Porter Wagoner, T.G. Shepherd, Brother Cornelius and Sister Rose (Treat her like Lady), Johnny Nash, Cybill Shepherd.

He moved to Nashville in 1986 and has played on recordings for such artists as: Kathy Mattea, Tanya Tucker, Mel Tillis, Roy Clark, Lyle Lovett, Pam Tillis, Tony Joe White, Lee Greenwood, David Ball, Donna Fargo, Lynn Anderson, Little David Wilkins, and Roger Miller. He built Midi Magic Studio in his home in 1989 and now works there as an engineer, producer, and keyboard player, and continues to work as a free-lance studio keyboardist, arranger and producer in the Nashville area working on songwriter demos and masters for publishing companies, producers, record labels, and songwriters.

My Personal Philosophy

Being a committed Christian, I feel it's an honor to be involved in work that I can be of service to people and be a blessing to people to help actualize their dreams. One of my daily prayers is to be the answer to someone's prayer in my music or advice.

There are 2 basic approaches to improving the world and humanity. One is by seeing what's wrong with the world and try to destroy it, the other is to look for the good and encourage it and help it to grow. I endeavor to look for the good, because too many times I've seen good destroyed or harmed in attempts to eradicate evil. Try and be positive and not cynical, not only will your world improve but so will others around you.

My musical philosophy is that everyone I work with, whether they're a major artist or someone just starting out, is serious and it's my job to make them look as good as possible with the musical product I produce for them, to take time to do things right, even if some times it takes longer.

All of the singers and musicians that I hire to work with me share the same philosophy, we do each part until everyone is very satisfied with it and feels it's the best we can do. With songwriter demos some people have the attitude that "it's only a songwriter demo" and will stop working on a part when there are no mistakes, whereas we take it beyond mistakes to something that we really like and makes the song sound better with the attitude that "this is not a demo but a master".

Most pro songwriters today take this approach when doing their songwriter demos and have seen the results with more cuts. When I'm mixing the song in the final stage of the songwriter demo, I know I'm done when I'm not finding new things to do to improve it and I'm just sitting back watching my automated faders move. This is a very gratifying part of the process, when I can just listen and enjoy all of the hard work we've put into the song, much like a builder that steps back and looks at the house he's just built.

Studio Equipment

Midi Magic Studio is a state of the art digital studio using the latest most advanced recording technology. In the late 90's a revolution in the recording world pretty much has replaced tape based recorders. Most professional studios have embraced this new computer based technology pretty much making tape obsolete. Computer based recording is much more complex than tape, so it takes quite a commitment to keep up with the latest technology and techniques.

I've been fascinated with it for years and only since 1998 has it really come of age with faster computers, faster and bigger hard drives, and recording software that is stable. The benefits far outweigh any time and trouble I've spent building a powerful recording system. I've worked tape based systems for well over 20 years, so this has been very exciting witnessing the changes that computers have brought to the recording medium.

When you record a vocal, you see the waveform on the screen and can easily do editing for individual tracks or the whole song. Some songwriters decide later on that they want to add a new section to their song. This is easily done without starting all over or like in the olden days, splicing tape.

When I record vocals I save every performance and make a compilation of the best to get the very best performance from a singer. If I hear a noise or pop, I can easily edit that out, seeing it on the screen.  I can even cut and paste one word or even the "T" at the end of a word into a vocal performance or tune up the vocal if there are a few flat or sharp notes in an otherwise great performance.

When I'm recording a midi piano part, I can see the notes come on the screen as I play them while watching a staff view, like looking at sheet music. I can easily edit out mistakes or auto-punch in spots that need to be redone.

I also have flying faders automation. While doing a final mix the faders remember every move I make. I can sit back and watch my mixing console's faders moving, while I listen for more things to improve the mix.

I have a full range of FX computer and hardware based: reverb, chorus, delay, flangers, leslie simulators, amp simulaters, tape simulaters, phasers, detuners, 32 band parametric EQ, compressors, limiters, gates, pitch shifters, harmonizers, auto panners,auto-tune (for tuning up off pitch vocals) plus a lot of mastering FX: Stereo enhancers, stereo compressor-limiters, aural exciters, stereo parametric EQ, room simulators.

In the past we were used to hearing studios described as being 16 track, 32 track, etc. With today's technology I essentially have unlimited tracks for recording vocals and instruments.

My main vocal mic is a Neumann TLM 103 with a tube mic preamp. Neumann microphones are considered the best overall mic in the recording world. I use this as my main vocal mic and also for acoustic instruments. I also have a Rode NT-1, EV ND757, 2 EV DS35's, and 2 PCM mics. I have an excellent stereo headphone system, so each vocalist and each instrumentalist will hear all the parts very clearly, which also makes them perform better. My main studio monitors are the Mackie HR824 studio reference monitor. I've heard more top engineers in Nashville rave about these monitors that I had to have a set. They're crystal clear.

My studio was built by the renowned British studio builder: Michael Cronin. It's connected to my house, yet separate for privacy and isolation. It's not huge, but big enough for most projects. Probably a 10 person maximum limit, any more and we would be too cramped. I have 3 isolation areas for recording a live band, a separate bathroom and lobby area.

I have a Yamaha SY77 synthesizer, a Yamaha P-200 88 key digital piano, an Akai 3200XL digital sampler, a Peavey SP digital sampler and about 400 CD-ROMs full of every sound imaginable from sound FX, orchestral sounds, guitars, basses, drums, percussion, samples from every synthesizer made, and many custom samples that I've done myself.

My main piano sound is Ivory, it streams the samples off the HD. So in essence the samples have unlimited length. When you hit a lower note on the piano the sample lasts for about 30 sec like a real piano. Each note of the piano is sampled at 12 different volumes, so that's how you end up with a piano that uses about 30 gigabytes in samples. The end result is the most realistic digital piano I've ever played that feels and responds like a real piano.

I use Superior Drummer for most of my drums. I simply play the drums on the keyboard live, just like a real drummer, instead of using loops, programming patterns, or using cut and paste. This way the drums sound more spontaneous like a real session drummer instead of sterile like many preprogrammed drums.  The drums were recorded with about 14 mics on several acoustic drum sets in different studios and you have total control of the room sound and bleed from each mic. The end result is a natural realistic drum sound like you'd expect from a studio drummer.

I use Vienna Instruments for most of my orchestral sounds and have many other soft synths with thousands of sounds stored on my computers in addition to my hardware samplers and synths.  As you probably figured, I'm very entertained by all this technology and love what I do. The good part is you can benefit from my knowledge and expertise.

Studio Demo

In today's competitive music market of today's music, it is more important than ever to have Songwriter demos that sound very professional, with an excellent vocalist and excellent musicianship to give your songs the edge they need. Most busy producers and publishers listen to many songs every day. If the song doesn't attract their interest in the first 10 or 15 seconds, they will very likely throw out your CD, assuming your song is amateurish and unpitchable to major artists, not giving your song the fair listen that it deserves. Many hit songs have been passed over because of weak demo production.

Even if you have good musicians, they may not, for various reasons, know how to play in such a way to target your song to a particular artist or style of music. It helps if you hire top studio musicians that have worked with major labels, major producers, and major artists, because they instinctively know what to play to make a strong demo, to give your song it's best shot. These are the types of musicians and singers you'll be getting on your recordings from Midi Magic Studio.

In Nashville there is a very large talent pool of excellent vocalists and excellent musicians from every style of music. This, of course, gives studios and production companies in Nashville an advantage over cities that are not recording centers. Several years ago Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood were Songwriter demo singers.

Midi Magic Studio is a state-of-the-art digital studio fully computerized and automated owned and operated by Gerry Peters, a noted studio keyboard player, arranger, and producer that has played on albums and TV shows for major artists such as: Roy Clark, Kathy Mattea, Waylon Jennings, Amy Grant, Al Green, David Ball, Pam Tillis, Mark Collie, Mel Tillis, Lynn Anderson, Lyle Lovett, Tanya Tucker, Roger Miller, and many more. With this experience he has acquired the know -how to mold your songs into the quality that producers and publishers expect to hear, at a very affordable price.

If you are interested in ordering a songwriter demo or CD production, please fill out the order form and enclose a check or money order made out to Gerry Peters. Be sure to send a copy of the lyrics , a rough demo CD or cassette with the vocal melody and guitar or piano. Or you can just send me the melody (sing the song 2x please), and for an additional charge of $40, I will put chords to your melody. If you have a lead sheet or chord chart, please send. Your completed song will be mailed to you within 4 weeks from the time I receive it . Call me if you have any questions, or need some free advice.


Gerry Peters
Midi Magic Studio
Dept I
7176 Somerset Farms Dr.
Nashville, TN 37221

You can email me at:
Please also include your street address, sometimes email does not work. I've had several come back as "undeliverable"



Price Sheet for Songwriter Demos

For CD projects it's better to contact me for pricing, since it can vary greatly depending on your needs and budget.

ORDER FORM: (use one per song)                          Date_______                                                                       

Song Title:_______________________________________________________

FULL DEMO (Piano, Bass, Drums, Ac. + El. Guitars,
      Vocal, Digital Mix, 1 CD, Shipping)               $410

BASIC DEMO (Piano, Bass, Drums, Vocal, Digital Mix,     $325
                 1 CD, Shipping)

PIANO/VOCAL (Piano, Vocal, Digital Mix, 1 CD,
                Shipping)                               $235

CUSTOM DEMO (You Choose):
Piano or first instrument                               $45
Bass ___________________________________________________$45	
Drums                                                   $45
Ac.Guitar + El.Guitar___________________________________$85
Ac. Guitar                                              $75	
Male Vocalist                                           $120
Female Vocalist ________________________________________$120
Harmony Vocals                                          $30	
Add chords to melody{opt.}______________________________$40	
Arrange and structure (opt.)                            $30	
Other instruments - SPECIFY:________________________ $85/each
   (harmonica, steel guitar, dobro, sax, fiddle, mandolin, 
brass, woodwinds, or any other)

Very Realistic Sampled Sounds Played by Keyboard     $45/each
SPECIFY: _________________________________
  (el. piano, strings, organ, vocal oohs + aahs, sax, harmonica
   brass, ac. guitar, bells, flute, woodwinds, percussion,
   fr. horn , synth sounds + sound effects - 1000's available)

Digital Mix (includes CD or cassette or MP3)          $70
Master Digital Mix "Radio Ready"
                  (includes CD)                       $120
Instrumental Mix (Minus Vocal)                        $5 extra
Mastering                                             $30/song
CD copies                                             $5/each

Computer lead sheets                                  $90
Computer sheet music (3 clefs) (ask for free sample)  $140
Extra CD's (call for a quantity discount)             $5   

Is there a particular artist you are going to pitch your song to?___________
What style of music do you want your Songwriter demo to be?_________________________
If you are not sure which instruments a song needs, send a rough demo
for a free evaluation.

Customer info:                                                                                                
Name:   __________________________________
Phone:  __________________________________  	

Make Check or Money Order To:
Gerry Peters

Send To:
Midi Magic Studio
Dept I
7176 Somerset Farms Dr.
Nashville, TN 37221 U.S.A.

Pay for your demos by credit card or
checking account
electronic transfer

I use paypal. Email me and I'll give instructions.
Sign up with, so you can do free electronic transfers and low 2.9% credit card transfers.

You can email me at:

Please also include your phone number and street address, sometimes email
does not work. 
Occasionally some come back as "undeliverable".

Allow 3 weeks for delivery

Listen to MIDI MAGIC Demo

Rockin' Country 1
Soft Rock
Traditional Country, Bluesy, Relaxing
Rockin' Country 2
Soul Rock Groove
Sentamental Country Ballad
Rockin' Traditional Country
R+B Hip Hop
Western Swing
Jazz Smooth Big Band Ballad Instrumental
Spanish Passion

OLD DEMO - still good, but the newer demo has some better sounds especially piano, drums and some orchestral sounds

1. Country Rock - Full Demo" plus harmony vocal - Male Vocal - 0.8 meg
2. Traditional Country - "Full Demo" plus harmony - Male Vocal - 1.1 meg
3. Pop Country Ballad - "Full Demo" plus Steel, Fiddle, Strings, Vocal Oohs and Aahs and harmony - Female Vocal - 1.0 meg
4. Rockin' Country - "Full Demo" plus harmony - Male Vocal - 1.0 meg
5. Rock - "Full Demo" plus harmony - Male Vocal - 1.0 meg
6. Bluesy Country - "Full Demo" plus harmony - Female Vocal - 1.1 meg
7. Bluegrass - "Full Demo" plus Fiddle, Harmonica, and harmony - Male Vocal - 1.1 meg
8. R+B Groove - "Basic Demo" plus harmony and Synths - Female Vocal - 1.0 meg
9. Jazzy R+B - "Full Demo" plus harmony and Sax - Female Vocal - 1.3 meg
10. Pop R+B Ballad - "Full Demo" plus harmony - Female Vocal - 1.1 meg

Additional Christian Song examples at my Christian Music Site



In order for you to get a feel for how I work with people, I've included some email testimonials. Feel free to get in touch with any of these people. I don't mind also giving you phone numbers, especially if you're planning on flying to Nashville to work with me in my studio. Phone conversations with people who've done it may help alleviate any stress or apprehension you may have making such an adventurous journey.

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Wow, Gerry ..... WOW!
Hats off to you and everyone involved in my demos, which arrived safely today. I knew you guys were good from the sample CD, but to hear that talent and care applied to my own work is really exciting. Thanks for your kind comments about the songs - it's very encouraging to know people liked them, particularly when they are people who produce work of such high quality.
What can I tell you: the vocals are terrific, the playing is excellent and the production & arrangement top-notch. Please pass on a big thank you to everyone for the effort and creativity that went into the sessions - it's very much appreciated.
I'm going to take a few days now to reflect on the story so far, and I suspect I'll also need a crash course in How To Stop Listening To Your Own Demos!
Thanks again
Paul Carne

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gerry... gerry... gerry...
gator knocked my socks off! y'all did reallllll gooooood! thanks. Ray sounded great, dobro was very tasty, the groove and everything.. just what i wanted. loved the fade out with the extra verse touch!
check with you later, again, great job and thanks a million (i hope!)
richard murrey

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Hello again Gerry...........
There is only one word......... WOW !!!!!!!!
You did it again...... !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day !!!!!!!!

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I got the song yesterday. The dynamic Trio does it again. The song GREAT !!!!! This is probably the best commercial song I have written to date. The melody is perfect. In fact it is almost the same as I had in my head when I wrote the song. Even down to the pause in the last line of the chorus. I hope to get this out to some publishers as soon as I can. Keep up the good work. I'll send you some more songs as soon as I can. I will most likely get you to do the melodies even if I have a working melody of my own.

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Good Evening Gerry, I received "Linn at the End of the Rainbow" today. You did an excellent job of songwriting and producing. The women at the nursing home thought it was great. One said she could listen to it over and over and it made her feel like crying. Give my thanks and appreciation to the singer also. The best is yet to come, Mark Jorgensen

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Dear Gerry,

I just wanted to let you know that as a result of your excellent demos, I have gotten two cuts!  (1) Pine Grove bluegrass band recorded "Forgetting You" on their Grass Roots album in 2000; and (2) Grand Ole Opry and Living Legend star, Ernie Ashworth, has recorded "Reminiscing" and it will be released the first part of 2002.  Ray's great singing and captivating three-part harmony, along with your talented arrangement, far surpassed my expectations on these two songs.

Other wonderful things that have resulted from your demos are: (1) my Christmas song, "Did You Ever See A Christmas Like This One" was featured in a TV movie, "Shredder" in December 2001, and (2) Zeke Thomas, President of Sonic Records and 2Yk Studios, is interested in using several of my songs for his artists.  

All of the above accomplishments are quite remarkable for an unknown songwriter like myself, especially in a highly competitive field where a cut is very difficult to come by. Your excellent arrangement, state-of-the-art studio facilities, Ray and Juli -- the two best demo singers in Nashville, and extra attention to detail, made the impossible dream a reality for me.

The variations on my demos is also a very strong statement to your unique versatility. The contrast in some of the recordings could not be greater. While some are traditional bluegrass and country, one or two others are very "pop" oriented. You can do it all!

You also have been a great mentor and friend, and your Christian philosophy clearly shines through in your business dealings as well as in your personal life. I'm so glad that I clicked on your web site. You really did "make my dreams come true." May God bless you!

Shirley Sheppard


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I don't know anything else to say. I have to tell you, I could hardly hold back the tears - to actually hear from that CD what I had been hearing in my head PLUS all the bells and whistles to make my little songs sound like something straight from my heart. You are a fabulous talented man and I thank God that we have been brought together.
You are right - the choir stuff is awesome. They sound like many more than just four. Tell the ladies that the Ave Maria is wonderful - I'm sure Mary must be pleased. I know I am.
Juli did her usual excellent job and Wes had a very distinctive sound. I really like what you did with the harmony with them in Follow The Star. Super job to you and all the vocalists.
I can hardly wait to hear the finished product. Do you have a time frame? My Mom and Dad were in tears to actually hear so much of my material. My Dad was actually patting his foot while Peter was playing - he has pretty much a tin ear, but he loves a good rhythm. It came together just like I had hoped it would. Just like "the real songs on the radio."
I could go on and on, but I won't. I'm sure you hear all the time how wonderful your arrangements are - THANK YOU!!!!!
Hear from you soon,
K. C. Annison

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I am confident that every person who has had the privilege of working with you, has had great difficulty expressing his or her gratitude to you, and I don’t believe mere words could express my feelings.

Only a few people have heard the completed album, however, their reaction has been somewhat startling to me. Kathy mailed a CD to her cousin in eastern Texas a few days ago. When listening to the CD, a powerful anointing of the music and lyrics began to put their life and worries into the proper perspective. They were touched by the Lord. Burdens were lifted. They told me the CD arrived at exactly the right time in their life. They requested fifty CD’s for their church. We sent them.

 A lady sat down at the booth next to our table, smiled and asked what we were listening to. Kathy briefly explained what we were doing with the small recorder, and the lady asked if she might hear a little. . The next song to play was “I Have Rolled Away The Stone”. She began to listen and within the first thirty seconds of the song she began to quietly cry. The tears were streaming down her face. When that song was over, she removed the small headset and began to explain the feeling and power she felt while listening to the CD. She told us God does not make mistakes, and that it was no accident that she sat down beside us. She told us of her Catholic up bringing and just how deeply the music and lyrics had touched her. Her words to Kathy…Something very dark inside me has become very much brighter now.

Sometimes I wonder, have I lost my mind in taking on such an adventure toward this, not so youthful, stage of my life.
Then I witness the Lord touching someone with this music, and that brings things into a proper perspective. I am absolutely sure of one thing, I am sure beyond a shadow of doubt, Our Lord is working within it and He is using it for His purpose. His hand is on it. As the lady in the café said…God does not make mistakes. Gerry, you were and are God’s choice. Chosen by Him to produce this work, and I promise to carry it on to the best of my ability. Your sound and style, combined with the lyrics, will touch countless souls for the Lord. Each piano note speaks a special word. Each note, delivered from your hand, sent into the heart of another human being, and to be used by God for His Glory. Thank you Gerry for helping me prepare the way for Jesus, into the hearts of others.

Your brother in Christ Jesus,



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Gerry...I am stunned...just speechless.  I have been waiting with great anticipation to hear "
THE RING".  Needless to say I am not one bit disappointed.  You have surpassed any and all expectations I had for making this song be all it could be.  It's funny how we all have our "babies" that we have written and are, as would be expected, protective and wanting the best for them.  Well you have certainly not only done that.....  you have given it life!!! 
My true satisfaction comes from knowing that it is almost like you were inside of me hearing what I was hearing and were able to visualize and convey the song the way it was meant to be. 
I not only thank you for ""THE RING" as a finished product, but also for the meticulous time and effort you spent to make it all I believed it could be.  I am anxiously looking forward to our next project together.

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Peaceful, healing, instrumental music composed and performed by Gerry Peters

GERRY PETERS - Synthesizers and acoustic piano.
WAYNE CROOK - Producer
Healix Productions

1. Eye Sea 4:27
2. Cloud Walking 4:34
3. Heart of Mary 3:30
4. Hope 6:23
5. View From the Ridge 4:15
6. New Beginning 5:08
7. Healix 5:43
8. Floating 4:23

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Gerry Peters
7176 Somerset Farms Drive
Nashville, TN 37221


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